Data Analysis

Dr Guillermo Ortega Rabbione

C/ Diego de León 62 – 7ª planta del Hospital.
28006 Madrid, Spain

+34 91 520 22 00 Ext: 17304/17305


The Data Analysis Unit (UAD) at the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria (Health Research Institute), Hospital de la Princesa (IIS-IP) aims to provide support, advice and active collaboration to basic and clinical researchers in numerical analysis and data display in biological fields.

It acts as a “first consultation” and advice service on many issues, as well as offering concrete support in the fields in which we have the most proven experience. Due to the high degree of computerisation in all medical areas, such as medical records, recordings through external, internal or portable temporary monitors, sequencing, etc., tools and methods specially designed to process ever-increasing amounts of data must be used.

For all these reasons, the UAD is key to the development of our centre’s research projects, in many cases multidisciplinary, multi-centre, national or international projects.