Contact person

Telephone: +34 915202386 Fax: +34 915202374

Faculty management:
Dr Cecilia Muñoz Calleja

Technical coordinator:
Mr Víctor López Huete

The Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Unit is a laboratory specialised in cell analysis, immunophenotyping and cell sorting techniques.

The Unit has a mixed structure, since the teams and staff serve on the one hand the clinical requests of Hospital de La Princesa, and on the other hand the research groups of the IIS Princesa.

The facilities are located on the 1st floor of the Department of Immunology and Molecular Biology at Hospital Universitario de La Princesa. Incorporated in the REDLAB of the Comunidad de Madrid.

The objective is to provide IIS Princesa researchers with the technology and qualified personnel necessary in flow cytometry and cell separations to conduct biomedical research.