Contact person

Director: Dr Javier Aspa Marco

Methodology Unit

C/ Diego de León 62 – 1st floor of the Hospital.

(Hospital FIB facilities)
28006 Madrid, Spain

Tel. +34 91 520 22 00 Ext 19533

The Methodological Support Unit, framed within the Research Support Platforms of the IIS-IP Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria, aims to provide researchers with support in preparing and executing research projects, with the purpose of increasing the excellence of scientific productivity.

The Unit's objectives are:

  • Advice on protocol design
  • Database design, management and quality control
  • Statistical analysis
  • Advice on communications and publications
Methodologist: performs the following tasks.

  •  Advising on the design of quality research protocols that may be competitive in the different calls.
  • Planning the different analyses needed to disseminate translational research by preparing communications and publishing original articles in widely distributed scientific journals.
  • Analysing the results of research, which may be transferred to clinical practice.

Statistician: In charge of performing tasks commissioned by the methodologist for the different research projects.

Scientific editor: Revising and editing in English the originals sent for calls or publishing results.

The Methodology Unit not only offers its services to the Institute's internal staff, but also to any external researcher who requires and requests services.

The services offered are:

  • Consultancy Projects (research advisor)
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Revision and editing in English of scientific originals
Statistical data analysis €21/hour €50/hour
Consultancy Projects (research advisor) €27/hr €70/hr


This income does not correspond to the FIB nor is it an added overhead. All income obtained from these services will be used to finance the Institute's different Units.

The hours spent on each of the services must be signed by both the Lead Researcher and the Head of the Unit.