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Department of Immunology
Hospital Universitario de la Princesa
28006 Madrid, Spain

Telephone +34 915202370
Fax +34 915202374

The Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Princesa (IP)'s department of high-resolution video microscopy offers the infrastructure and scientific and technical advice needed to conduct wide-field and confocal fluorescence microscopy studies with special emphasis on observing dynamic phenomena in living cells.

We currently have the following equipment:

  • Fluorescence microscope with digital image acquisition system. It has dry and oil immersion objectives (63x and 100x) and filters for DAPI/CMAC, FITC/GFP, CFP, YFP, DsRed and Rodamina visualisation.
  • Multidimensional microscopy station. Allows the rapid acquisition of fluorescence images in living cells. It is equipped with RGB, CFP/YFP and far-red filters, incubator with CO2 and temperature control and motorised plate. It also has image deconvolution software.
  • Leica SP5 confocal microscope, equipped with resonant scanner, incubation chamber with CO2 and O2 control, and excitation at 405, 488, 561 and 633 nm. –
  • Olympus Mitico IX83 TIRF Light Microscope, equipped with Hamamatsu CCD camera, incubator with CO2 control and excitation at 488 and 561 nm.
  • User training in handling the Unit's equipment.
  • Advice on sample preparation, experiment design and fluorescent probes, etc.
  • Morphometric analysis of cell cultures. Quantification of cytological parameters based on fluorescence intensity measurements.
  • Three-dimensional reconstructions. Deconvolution.
  • Confocal video microscopy, wide field or TIRF, according to the requirements of cell velocity and viability.
  • FRAP and FRET.
Service Internal rate External academic rate External business rate
Fluorescence microscope € 1/hr € 70/hr € 90/hr
Multidimensional € 5/hr € 150/hr € 200/hr
Confocal / TIRF € 5/hr € 150/hr € 200/hr