New therapies in infectious pathology

Our group has been working on studying HIV infection for more than 20 years and we have taken part in several clinical trials and international research projects. We are currently working in the HIV research network (CoRIS), gathering data for epidemiological trials on patients infected with HIV who come to our clinic for the first time, and periodically sending blood samples to the Red de Biobancos de VIH (HIV biobank network) for virus and immune research. This project will go on for many years and we will continue to gather the data required for such research. We have hired a doctor for two years with funds from the network and we hope to continue employing her in the future.

We are also involved in clinical trials for new HIV drugs, including a combination of Darunavir and cobicistat and the new nonucleoside Doravirine, both of which can be used for untreated patients and pre-treated patients. These trials will begin in 2015 and will last for around three years.

Another interesting field in which we have worked for more than ten years is HIV/HCV coinfection. This aspect of HIV infection is currently seeing huge progression due to the appearance of new drugs to treat hepatitis C, direct antiviral agents, which have revolutionised treatment, with greater effectiveness to date (more than 90%) and rare side effects. We are collaborating with the HEPAVIR cohort of coinfected patients, along with various institutions in Spain, where we have treated more than 600 patients to date. The study of new drugs in real life is critically important as it can reveal side effects that have not previously been seen in clinical trials.

As part of a multi-centre group, we have studied the impact of sustained viral response on cardiovascular risk and markers of inflammation, and we expect the first data at the end of 2015.

Team members

area3_Linea7_G50_Dr-de_los_SantosGroup leader:

Ignacio de los Santos Gil

Hospital Universitario La Princesa

  Other team members.Hospital Universitario La Princesa:

  • Rafael de la Cámara de Llanza
  • Ana María Isabel Salas Aparicio
  • Jesús Sanz Sanz
  • María Cristina Sarria Cepeda
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This grant is funded by the 2013-2016 Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation Research Plan and the ISCIII – Subdirectorate General for Evaluation and Promotion of Research – and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Smart Growth 2014-2020 according to Regulation (EU) no. 1303/2013.

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